Totamowin Wecihwākanihtowin

  • Waukomaun PawisNistamaskewesi Kiskinahamākewin Onihpanihcikew

    Waukomaun Pawis

    Nistamaskewesi Kiskinahamākewin Onihpanihcikew

    Waukomaun is an Ojibwe from Wasauksing First Nation. He has a background in the television and film industry and has travelled across Canada documenting and sharing inspiring stories from Indigenous communities across the country.
  • Nigit'stil NorbertNistamaskewesi Oskiyak Kā Nakiskātocik Onihpanihcikew

    Nigit'stil Norbert

    Nistamaskewesi Oskiyak Kā Nakiskātocik Onihpanihcikew

    Nigit'stil Norbert is of Gwich'ya Gwich'in First Nations ancestry and was born and raised in Denendeh, Yellowknife, NWT. She is passionate about politics and engaging with her community, with a focus on strengthening and empowering youth voices and growth. You can find her by the water most days.
  • Dallas PellyNistamaskewesi Kiskinahamākewin Onihpanihcikew

    Dallas Pelly

    Nistamaskewesi Kiskinahamākewin Onihpanihcikew

    Dallas is an Indigenous educator, community builder, and social innovator. His greatest goal in life is to be a role model for Indigenous youth and to help bring the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Canada. In his spare time, Dallas loves biking, swimming, jogging, long boarding, and going for long walks.
  • Jason JonesNistamaskewesi Kiskinahamākewin Onihpanihcikew

    Jason Jones

    Nistamaskewesi Kiskinahamākewin Onihpanihcikew

  • Rada AbdoKiskinahamātowinihk Onihpanihcikew

    Rada Abdo

    Kiskinahamātowinihk Onihpanihcikew

    Rada has an educational background in Political Science and History. She has a passion for bringing technology into the classroom so that learning is more meaningful and fun. She's currently on a mission to explore the world!
  • Mitch HolmesStudent Advisory Coordinator

    Mitch Holmes

    Student Advisory Coordinator

    Mitch is a Kanien’kehá:ka and English student based in Tkaronto studying Environmental Studies at York University. Mitch is also working on the Whose Land project. Outside of work his biggest passion is playing guitar, reconnecting to his roots, and learning Kanien’kehá.
  • Nyle JohnstonIndigenous Outreach and Partnerships Advisor

    Nyle Johnston

    Indigenous Outreach and Partnerships Advisor

  • Magdalena KellyNistamaskewesi Kekwān kā Kikastek Owecihwākanihtowin & Kiskinahamātowikamikwa Onihpanihcikew

    Magdalena Kelly

    Nistamaskewesi Kekwān kā Kikastek Owecihwākanihtowin & Kiskinahamātowikamikwa Onihpanihcikew

    Magdalena is Coast Salish from Stol:o Nation, born and raised in Vancouver, BC. She lived and worked in New York City for 10 years while attending school at Broadway Dance Centre and joined a dance company called Sybarite. Making a difference for Aboriginal youth fills her heart.
  • Doronn FoxNistamaskewesi Kiskinahamākewin Onihpanihcikew

    Doronn Fox

    Nistamaskewesi Kiskinahamākewin Onihpanihcikew

    A member of Kwanlin Dün First Nation in Yukon, Doronn is passionate about youth cultural revitalization.
  • Chris McLeodNistamaskewesi Kiskinahamākewin Onihpanihcikew

    Chris McLeod

    Nistamaskewesi Kiskinahamākewin Onihpanihcikew

    Chris is Metis from Saskatchewan and has been involved in Indigenous programs and partnerships with 400 Indigenous communities across Canada related to technology, telemedicine, ec-dev, education and health.
  • Kimberley DymondFuture Pathways Program Coordinator

    Kimberley Dymond

    Future Pathways Program Coordinator

    Kimberley is a high school educator who has been using the Connected North system since 2014 in her classes in Arviat, Nunavut. She has seen the positive impact Connected North has on students, and feels that the students learning goes beyond the curriculum, but helps them connect with their own cultures, and share it across the world.
  • Shelton NipisarKiskinahamātowinihk Sihtoskākewin nesta Ihtāwinihk Wecihiwewin Onihpanihcikew

    Shelton Nipisar

    Kiskinahamātowinihk Sihtoskākewin nesta Ihtāwinihk Wecihiwewin Onihpanihcikew

  • Kim Boucher-MorinKiskinahamātowinihk Onihpanihcikew

    Kim Boucher-Morin

    Kiskinahamātowinihk Onihpanihcikew

    Kim has a background in research and writing. She grew up in rural francophone Quebec, and has always had a taste for adventure. Her dream is to see more meaningful connections across communities.
  • Mali BickleyPiskihcikamikohk Māmawitotamowin Kā Nakacihtāht

    Mali Bickley

    Piskihcikamikohk Māmawitotamowin Kā Nakacihtāht

    Mali is a recently retired teacher with 35 years experience as a classroom teacher. Over the past 10 years, she has used ICT and successfully integrated literacy and content area curriculum to have her students connect, communicate and collaborate with several classes from around the world.
  • Jennifer CorrieroWesta-Kā kih Miskahk; Kihci Sihkitsahiwew

    Jennifer Corriero

    Westa-Kā kih Miskahk; Kihci Sihkitsahiwew

    Recognized by Forbes in 2013 as an Innovative Rising Star in Education, Healthcare and Environment, Jennifer Corriero has designed and delivered youth engagement programs since 1999 when she co-founded TakingITGlobal.
  • Michael FurdykWesta-Kā kih Miskahk; Kihci Sihkitsahiwew ohci Ᾱpacihcikana

    Michael Furdyk

    Westa-Kā kih Miskahk; Kihci Sihkitsahiwew ohci Ᾱpacihcikana

    Michael has appeared on Oprah, presented at TED, and was named one of Teen People's "Twenty Teens that will Change the World". Over the last decade, he has keynoted over 100 events, sharing his technology expertise and passion for youth engagement and educational reform to audiences in over 30 countries.
  • Liam O'DohertyDirector of Digital Youth Engagement

    Liam O'Doherty

    Director of Digital Youth Engagement

    Liam designs and implements initiatives to inspire, inform and involve young people in making a difference across their communities.
  • Tinisha SteinmanTechnical Success Coordinator

    Tinisha Steinman

    Technical Success Coordinator


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